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Trans-Am Firebird Show

The 7th Annual All Trans-AM and Firebird car show in London Ontario was a wicked ride down memory lane. The show is quickly becoming the premier niche show of its kind in Ontario and is certainly one of the best in Canada.


Dozens of immaculate Trans-AMs and Firebirds showed up early at the Steve Plunkett Estate with their owners eager to share stories and friendship with others who share their common interest in all things Firebird.  This isn't really a show that is designed to be large because it is specifically featuring one type of vehicle.  You won't find anything other than Firebirds and Trans-Am's here. Yes, Camaros are the Chevrolet sister car to the Pontiac Firebird, but no cheating is allowed. There was not a single bow tie Chevy on the show field.


The quality of cars was simply incredible.  From one of the first Firebirds ever produced, to one of the last circa 2002 all generations of Firebirds and Trans-Ams were represented.  The was a rare early 70's Trans Am Super Duty, a couple of 80's Trans-Am GTA's, and a nice selection of mid 70's Firebirds with rare or interesting option pacakges, including a Fire Esprit, and a late 70's Turbo Trans-Am.

The event is hosted each year by John Hockley who owns what is possibly the most accurate "Smokey & The Bandit" tribute Trans-AMs in Canada.


"This year the event was a tribute to Burt Reynolds", said Hockley. "In fact if it wasn't for Burt Reynolds I might never have become a car guy.  Of course we also put the show on to raise money for breast cancer research".  


The venue is ideal for the show.  The Plunkett Estate has been the location for the "Fleetwood Country Cruise In", but that event has run its course and host Steve Plunkett says the 2019 event was the last. However a handful of smaller shows including the Trans-AM and Firebird show are still held at the Plunkett Estate.

Screaming Chicken Trans Am
1967 Firebird - Award Winner

The event attracted a healthy crowd and this year those displaying their cars came from further away.


"This year was a record breaker", said Hockley. "We had more people come from the U.S. this year, and people are coming from further away. It's an incredible venue, and Steve is very generous allowing us to use his property for this event".


Not every car on display was factory original. There were some amazing restomods, and some cars featured incredible airbrushed custom paint jobs.  


John Hockley's Bandi Trans-Am with Smokey In Pursuit

This article is just a teaser. The event will be featured in an upcoming episode of the SST Car Show, which will be broadcast on television in the Central Ontario area on Rogers Cable, and will be picked up on U.S. Television stations including WKBW Buffalo ( ABC ) and on satellite, so the event will be seen by car enthusiasts across many parts of both Canada and the United States. The SST Car Show reports will also be posted online starting within the next week.

Trans Am Super Duty 455 - Rare
Trans Am Super Duty

John Hockley says he will be reaching out to more Pontiac Firebird and Trans Am clubs across Canada and the U.S. in the coming year as he continues to work at making the event grow. More information is available at

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