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The Ford GT will be honored at featurd at next week's Ottawa Gatineau International Auto Show.

The car has an amazing story that really begins in the 1960's. That's when Ford wanted to buy Ferrari but Ferrari said no way. Ford countered, deciding that if they couldn't buy Ferrari they would beat their rival at Le Mans.

The result of this feud was the creation of the Ford GT40 which carried Ford to Victory at LeMans in 1966, with Ford GT40's placing first, second and third. It was a stunning victory, that started a new motorsports legend. Formula One drivers Chris Amon and Bruce McLaren took a Ford GT40 to victory and the car was so dominant that it won the famous race the next three years running.

Fast forward fifty years and Ford decides to go racing again. The goal fo the Ford team was to repeat history and emerge victorious at LeMans again on the 50th anniversary of the incredible Ford GT40 Victory. The Grudge match was on again when Ford began to develop an all new Ford GT in total secrecy.

The new Ford GT Supercar project was centered in Canada at Calabogie Motorsports Park just outside Ottawa. One of six partners who own the world class track Richard L'Abbe was thrilled to have the car tested there.

Not only was the car tested at Calabogie, after testing it went into production in Markham Ontario, where Multimatic the company that produces the suspension for the car, also assembles the vehicles in very limited numbers making them very difficult to obtain. They sell for more than half a million dollars Canadian.

The New Ford GT did go on to win again at LeMans on the 50th anniversary, which only adds to the legend. Now the car has also become the pride of Canada, and L'Abbe who took posession of one of the very first new Ford GT's will bring his car to the Ottawa Gatineau International Auto Show March 21st to 24th at the Shaw Centre in Downtown Ottawa.

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