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Canadian Custom Car Builder Gets TV Deal

When it comes to making something out of nothing, Chad Hiltz is your guy. It takes a ton of creativity and resourcefulness to do what Chad does as he takes metal from junkyards and turns it into award winning cars.

Chad's new show “Bad Chad Customs” is set to premiere on January 1st at 10pm. The show takes this master car builder and showcases his skill in the automotive field with the help of his Green Goblin Customs team—shop manager and fiancé Jolene, son Colton, lifelong friend and builder Aaron, and mechanic Alex.

Each episode will show how the Green Goblin Customs team works together to build some of the most crazy vehicles ever seen. The intrigue will be to see the creativity of Chad as he brings works of art to life through his automotive genius.

Not only does the show touch on the building of cars, but of the evolving relationship between Chad and his son Colton. Now working with his father full-time as an apprentice, Colton jumps into the world of custom cars. At times Chad may be hard on him but Colton is thick-skinned and intent on learning the family business.

Chad "The Green Goblin" Hiltz

The current season of “Bad Chad Customs,” can be seen on the Discovery GO app—free with their paid TV subscription.



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