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We drove them. You drove them. Then you watched our reviews. You liked and shared and together with you and our panel of judges we picked the SST Car Show Top 10 vehicles of the year.

Best Economy Car: The Nissan Micra

Why? Because it's a quality car that's fun to drive and it's also just about the least expensive car on the market - period. It's a world car built for markets around the globe and with so many being manufactured Nissan has massive economies of scale. That means consumers get a great car at a low price. Worth checking out if you're looking for something that's inexpensive, versatile, and is still durable. You can't go wrong with the Micra.

Best Luxury Car: Jaguar XE

The Jaguar XE is quiet. It has a sure stable ride. It's a great touring car with more than adequate power. With premium leather and premium materials used throughout it's simply a pleasure to drive. Immerse yourself in the Jaguar XE, and you will be surprised that it's not only luxurious but also surprisingly affordable.

Best Mini Van: Chrysler Pacifica

Chrysler invented the mini van category, and the company is still working its magic with the Pacifica. Today's Pacifica is quiet, offers a smooth ride, and has received accolades from the motoring press for its safety features and family friendly features like stow N go seating.

Best Sports Car: Jaguar F Type

Supreme Balance, and a variety of engine options including a supercharged V6's and V8's that will light your hair on fire make this an exciting car. Factor in superior build quality and a nod to old school styling and you have a modern speed machine that is tough to beat. We simply love the is powerful, yet refined.

Best Pickup: Chevy Colorado

The Colorado offers efficiency through its size, and engine options. With gasoline prices on the rise again the Colorado will gain traction in the market place. Use it for hauling. Use it as a daily driver. It won't break the bank when you visit the gas pump, but it's still big enough to serve as a general duty pick up. Comfortable. It rides great and has plenty of pep. It handles great too. It's tight. In our view it;s a segment leader. Ford is trying to catch up with the new Ranger. We will see what happens.

Best SUV: Ford Escape

If you are looking for all around practical transportation..the Escape is it. Roomy inside, with modern style the escape is the perfect example of where Ford is heading. Ford isn't going to build cars anymore - except for the Mustang. Instead they're focusing on trucks and SUV's like the Escape, because they are popular, and the Escape sells well. It offers excellent value. If you have kids this is it. If you need space to carry stuff like luggage or groceries...this is it. If you just need a practical vehicle, this is it.

Best Electric: Chevy Bolt

It has an official range of 238 miles, but many people have been driving the Bolt over 300 miles on a single charge with some reporting range as high as 400-miles. We drove one for a week and found 300 miles is easily within reach. Finally an electric car that seems to make sense. You can use it for at least some long trips, not just for buzzing around town. Look out Tesla. General Motors is smoking you with the a fraction of the price.

Best Family and Business Car: The Honda Accord

The new Accord is probably the very best car Honda has ever built, period. The build quality is top notch. It is tight. It's quiet. It has just enough road feel to give you feedback from the pavement. It feels and drives like premium automobiles that cost a whole lot more and based on Honda's history the Accord promises to provide reliability over the long haul, and when the time comes exceptional resale value.

Best Pony Car: Ford Mustang

The Mustang was the original Pony Car...and it is the only Car Ford will be building in the future, and we're glad it will still be around. The retro styling has been updated. The 5.0 litre engine in the GT pumps out over 425 Horsepower right out of the box with no modifications. The build quality is excellent with no rattles or shakes. With a wide range of engine options from a turbo four to pavement melting V8's you can pick a Mustang that suits your budget and your lifestyle. The Challenger, and Camaro are cool...but this year...the Mustang remains king of the Pony Cars.

SST Vehicle of the Year: The Volkswagen Golf GTi

The Golf has a hatchback design that dates back to the 1970;s. Like the Beetle it's an iconic car. Instead of reinventing the Golf, Volkswagen keeps refining it. The result this year is a Golf that was so much fun to drive we just couldn't stop thinking about it after we returned our test vehicle. More than any other car we drove all year the Golf GTi left a positive impression. Fold down the rear seat and you have ample cargo area. Put your foot into the accelerator and the 2.0 litre turbocharged engine comes to life with 220-horsepower. In a small lightweight car, like this the result is pure exhilaration. It handles like a go kart and accelerates faster than an old school muscle car and it does it while giving you 36 miles to the gallon on the highway. That's why the Volkswagen Golf GTi. is this year's overall SST Car Show top Vehicle of the Year.



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