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Vicari Classic Car Auction Highlights from Nocona - The Classic Car Capital of Texas.

The Vicari Car Auction is held in Nocona the Classic car capital of Texas every May. It compliments the big car show they have here on the same weekend.

Every year an eclectic mix of exotics, classics, and customs are auctioned off and this year the line up of cars being offered was exceptional. There were several Ferrari's offered. If you're in the market for a classic mustang there is always a selection of quality stangs to choose from.

Perhaps the most unusual car to cross the block was this beer wagon.. It's essentially a beer keg on wheels that was built to promote Hawaii based Primo Beer, but there is even more to the story. The car also appeared on the TV show Magnum P.I. with Tom Selleck. The Primo beermobile didn't sell because the reserve price was not met, but it still turned heads.

Tucked away in the back we found this unusual Volkswagen Shorty, a Volkswagen Bug that had been chopped and shortened into something resembling a cartoon car. It's small, but cool.

There were plenty of classics up for grabs. Old trucks, 50's cruisers, and lots of Corvettes, Camaro's, and American muscle. Hundreds of cars...all up for purchase to the highest bidder in Nocona Texas where the weather is dry, there ain't no snow, and the cars are almost always rust free.



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