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Steve Plunkett To Open Cadillac Collection to Public during June Fleetwood Car Show

One of Canada;s largest outdoor car shows is returning for 2018. The Fleetwood Country Cruize in is back, and thanks to host Steve Plunkett the public will have a chance to view what is likely the best collection of vintage Cadillac's in the world. Steve Plunkett is a true car guy, and owns more than 80 collectible cars. Many of them will be on display in his Auto Salon during the car show June 2nd and 3rd. For many it will be a chance to see his 1930 Cadillac Fleet Bourne for the first time since its restoration began about a year ago.

Full Video Report: Fleetwood Car Show Cadillac Preview

"It basically needed a paint job, it was a solid car, so we did a two tone paint scheme on it. It isn't done, yet. It won't be assembled for the show, but people will be able to see it as it is so far", said Plunkett during a sneak preview of the current collection inside his Auto Salon.

With the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle making headlines, it's also fitting that a car with ties to the Royal Family should be on display. This Cadillac was built for King Edward...who gave up the thone in the 1936's so he could marry a twice divorced American woman...Wallace Simpson. In the 30's it was scandalous. Today the car is helps preserve some of those memories and headlines. All body panels were hand made. Edward named this car "The Duchess" and in its day the car was loaded with technology and features that made it cutting edge

Plunkett Cadilliac Colleciton - Cadillac Emblem

"This is the first car in the world with power windows. She was into jewellry so there are four jewellry boxes in it, and it is an excellent example of the coachwork of the time," said Plunkett.

This Cadillac is one of the longest cars ever produced and is displayed proudly in the centre of the Auto Salon where it command attention as guests arrive through the main entrance.

"The Duchess" - King Edward's Cadillac


" This was the largest automobile produced in North America at the time. 154 inch wheel base. It is 9 foot 2 inched from the horn button to the edge of the front bumper," said Plunkett. "It is absolutely a spectacular car, and it is now registered with the Library of Congress," he added.

Steve Plunkett also owns a 1938 Cadillac which was built for Ralph Puliitzer of Pulitzer Prize fame. It is the last customized Cadillac Roadster built during that era,. The Auto Salon houses the older true classics, but there is a second building filled with Cadillacs from the the 1950's, 60's and 70's, and many of those vehicles were also owned by celebrities.

Plunkett Cadillac Collection

"In the other garages we have Johnny Cash's Cadillac. We have Bob Hopes Eldorado Brougham, so there is a lot to see just in the Cadillac department here at the car show," said Plunkett.

The Plunkett Cadillac collection is worth millions of dollars, and just having the opportunity to view it, makes attending the Fleetwood Country Cruize-In worth it. The car show will attract thousands of visitors and other car enthusiasts. They will bring their cars to the Plunkett Estate share them with the public and to show their support for Steve Plunkett...a man who has earned the title "Cadillac of Car show hosts" by generating over 1.5-million dollars for more than 30 charities with his Automotive Extravaganza like no other - The Fleetwood Country Cruize In. The event takes place at his private estate at 9282 Elviage Drive in London Ontario. More details are available at

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