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Mercedes AMG Project 1

Introducing the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE - A Hybrid Race Car for The Street.

TORONTO: The Mercedes - AMG Project ONE is the first vehicle in the world, to transfer almost exactly - one for one - the newest and most efficient Formula 1 hybrid technology from the track to a street car.

The car is a highlight at this week's Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto. It comes from a collaboration between Mercedes-AMG and the Petronas Motorsport team. It features a highly-integrated powertrain with a turbocharged combustion engine and four independent electric motors: one for each front wheel, one linked to the crankcase, and one in the turbocharger itself. This results in over 1,000 horsepower and top speed of over 350 km/h.

The technology is mind blowing. The front axle electric motors can handle 50,000 rpm alone, and selective torque distribution permits extra high levels of vehicle dynamics. Combine all that with the race start fuction, and the elimination of turbo lag and you have a car that can accelerate from zero to sixty, in under six seconds!!!!

This is a car with an eye on the green movement too...but don't blink because it's fast and efficient. An EQ Power+ hybrid drive system allows for multiple driving modes, from purely electric to highly dynamic, and the regenerative brake system recoups up to 80% of braking energy. The end result is optimum output and efficiency.


SST Reporter Samantha Webster took in the unveiling of the Project ONE at CIAS and provides a point form description in the attached video.

It's simply beautiful. It is a work of art as much as it is a masterpiece of engineering. It looks muscular, with various air inlets designed to cool the mechanicals while creating downforce at high speed. The interior is designed to be radically minimal, with no distractions for the driver, although the totally digital instrument cluster is incredibly cool. This is a car that pushed the limits, and then goes beyond them, while maintaining control, and making the driver look good while doing it. It's a doubt. SST CAR SHOW NEWS.

Visually, the Project ONE evokes the premium class of motorsport with muscular proportions, numerous air inlets, and forged aluminum wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires. The interior is radically minimal, with lightweight bucket seats and a Formula 1 steering wheel. But it’s the complete package that resonates, pushing the limit of what’s technologically feasible, and opening a new chapter in the history of Mercedes-Benz.


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