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Seasonal Tire Changeover may finally be a thing of the Past


Another winter blast is heading to many parts of Canada and the North Eastern area of the United States this weekend, but if you were going to run out an buy new snow tires you may want to look at a fairly new category of tire - ALL WEATHER TIRES.

Several leading tire companies like Hankook, Toyo, Nokian, and Goodyear have new All Weather tires on the market. These are not to be confused with All Season tires. These new All Weather tires are designed to perform in variable conditions, and the traction they offer in snow and on ice rivals the traction offered by some snow tires.

The secret is in the rubber and the tread design. All season tires get harder in cold weather and traction is reduced. Snow tires are designed to stay soft in the cold. The tread design is a little different too. Look closely and you will see tiny slots on surface of the tire. That's what helps you grip on ice. However snow tires wear faster in warm weather and they can be noisier than an all season tire.

New all weather tires like the Goodyear weather ready Assurance use new rubber compounds to stay softer in the cold, while still delivering good handling, performance, and durability even during summer when pavement gets hot.

Manufacturers say new all weather tires are still not a replacement for good snow tires, but they're pretty close, and depending on your needs they may be more than adequate, saving you the time, inconvenience and expense of changing over from winter tires to summer tires every six months.

When shopping for new all weather tires look for the Three Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol. That symbol means the tire is certified by the rubber manufacturers association to perform well in snow, and year round, and it's important where snow tires are required by law.

You should check your local regulations before investing in new tires. Many insurance companies also offer discounts if you use snow tires in the winter so you should consult with your insurance agent as well to make sure your tires comply with their discount requirements.

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