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Canadian Auto Auction Expands across Canada - How Stark Auto Sales is Saving Car Buyers up to 40%

How Stark Auto Sales

Has the Better Way to Buy a Car


Welcome to Stark Auto of the largest and fastest growing automobile auction companies in Canada. They auction insurance claim recovery vehicles here, making this one of the most unique auctions as well. The word growing may be an understatement here because in just the past couple of years Stark Auto Sales has spread its operations from this facility in Toronto, to new bases of operation in Ottawa....and Montreal...and now the company is spreading its insurance claim recovery auction business right across Canada.

"We're opening up a showroom in Calgary. We're doing quite a bit of stuff in Alberta. This is all a part of the process", exclaims Stephen Stark.

After decades of helping to build his family business, Company owner Steven Stark says he is offering garage owners, body shops, and even the general public a better way to buy a car. When a vehicle is involved in an accident there are many reasons why an insurance company may decide to write it off instead of repair it. When they do the vehicles are sent here to Stark Auto Sales. Once a week the cars are auctioned off. Some are sold for parts. Many others can be repaired. Stark also receives theft recovery vehicles, which are cars that were stolen and later recovered. Many of those vehicles are damage free. Steven Stark says his company is offering body shops, garages, and the public in general a way to save money.

The expansion of Stark Auto Sales has brought it with improvements to the auction facilities. People can inspect the vehicles in the yard, but the auctions are now held entirely inside newly renovated auction room where buyers are kept cool in summer, and warm, and dry in the winter. "It's more convenient for the customer to be inside. It takes the weather equation out of it. Rain or shine the customer always know there comfortable", proclaims Stephen Stark. New offices have been built, and the Stark Auto Sales website at has been updated too. The internet has been one of the driving forces behind Stark's rapid growth. Online bidding allows people from across Canada and even around the world to purchase cars. Vehicles can be shipped across the country and around the globe.

"The internet is huge. This allows people in Ontario to buy cars in Alberta and people in Alberta to purchase cars in Ontario. All across across country and we provide the service of transferring the cars from wherever they are for fee back to their location," says Stephen Stark.

While it is true that a lot of the vehicles here are simply being sold for parts, and some may need extensive repairs Steven Stark says consumers can save as much as 40% by purchasing an insurance claim recovery vehicle here, especially if they can perform repairs themselves. Every deal is different of course,but they even get sports cars, luxury vehicles, and exotics here. Many of those vehicles are theft recoveries and the savings on high end vehicles can be substantial compared to buying a vehicle in a conventional way. New facilities...New offices in key Canadian cities...and more growth targeted as the company heads west. For Steven Stark it's a long term vision coming true.

"It's a better way to buy a car", says Stephen Stark. Rick Walker Maverick News Toronto.



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