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Volkswagen Golf R Video Review


The 2018 Golf R is a wolf, in sheep's clothing.

Volkswagen Golf R

On the outside from a distance it looks like a Volkswagen Golf hatchback. Only two things give away its true identity - the small R emblem - and the insane performance. The Golf R is equipped with a two litre, turbo charged engine that produces 292 horsepower. It produces a massive amount of torque too, with minimal turbo lag. The result is exhilarating performance with a zero to sixty acceleration time of less than five seconds.

Volkswagen Golf R Engine

Our test car was loaded with a Fender stereo system, Bluetooth, and leather seats. The seats are darn near perfect for this car just like everything else that comes with it. They are comfortable with extra support to hold you in place during hard cornering, but not quite a racing seat, which can be very difficult to get in and out of. The Golf R is a car that defines the word balance. It is powerful, yet refined with a smooth running and idling drive train. It has a computer controlled suspension and drive train system called dynamic chassis control, that provides race mode performance, or economy mode comfort around town. With the fold down rear seats it provides tons of cargo space, yet it is small and nimble and easy to park.

Volkswagen Golf R Interior

Inside the cabin is well appointed, with a leather wrapped steering wheel, paddle shifters, ambient lighting, and a crystal clear high definition back up camera - one of the best we've seen which is standard on all Golf R's. The Golf R is an all wheel drive vehicle and we found that the all wheel drive not only provides better traction while accelerating it also enhances handling. The 4MOTION All-Wheel Drive system, combined with the cross differential system, detects slippage, and puts more torque to the wheels that need it most for improved traction and control.

Volkswagen Golf R Exterior

This car is all about the details. Adaptive headlights turn as you turn the wheel, putting light where you are going...not where you've been. Brighter and more energy efficient than standard headlights, they scan 13 degrees left or right allowing you see to see more of what’s ahead. Disctinct Golf R calipers on the brakes set off the wheels nicely and provide enhanced stopping power.

Volkswagen golf R Wheels

The Volkswagen Golf has always been a great car, and with the Golf R, VW is taking this platform to new heights. The styling is understated, yet still sporty. It drives like a real sports car. In the hot hatch category is stands out as a winner. Some cars in this segment might be just a touch faster in a straight line, or they might have more cargo space, but you would be hard pressed to find anything available on the market today that comes close to providing the kind of all around performance that the Golf R does. This is quite simply one of the finest, best engineered cars ever produced. Best of all it's a blast to drive which is why after our week long test drive, the new Golf R is a contender for SST car of the year.



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