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1958 Chevrolet Cameo at the SEMA Auto Show

1958 Chevrolet Cameo at the SEMA Auto Show


-Below is an interview with Ron Erks of Stoner's Speed Shop-

Rick Walker: "This is an extremely rare pickup. At first glance it looks just like an old truck but it's not. It's pretty special. Let's talk about the rarity first of all".

Ron Erks:"Sure, Chevy Cameo's were produced from 1955 through 1958. This is a 58', it's the rarest of the beasts. they made about 10,000 trucks total over those 4 years and in 58' they only made 1,450 of them. To find this thing in the shape that it was out of Texas with just the right patina and all the parts there because finding the parts is really difficult with that few of trucks built 60 years ago. it was a rare find and a great platform to start our build".

Rick:"And your into trucks with patina?"

Ron Erks:"Yes definitely, if we have to explain it to someone they'll never understand is what we say. Yeah we're into the patina truck scene. The more rust, crustier they are, the hotter they are and this thing the press has been all over it. It speaks for itself. We got all these 100,000 sports cars around it and everybody gravitates towards this thing so it's a lot of fun."

Rick Walker:" So you took that truck and left all of that "character" in tack and underneath and inside it's a monster."

Ron Erks:"And that's what Blake at Stoner Speed Shop specializes in. So we've got the old look but with all the modern conveniences. High end leather interior, power windows, air conditioning, big kicker audio sound system on Detroit Steel 22 inch wheels. GM's greatest crate motor, the 650 horse supercharged motor. It's the wolf in sheeps clothing as we like to say."

Rick Walker:"And on the side I see you've written Slomeo?"

Ron Erks:"Slameo! So we take the cameo and we slam it on the ground and it's the Slameo. So we had some fun with that. Had some custom badges made which is funny because the two little cameo emblems that we pulled off the side of it I could probably sell for like $900 for the pair. They're super rare. You go to find a set of bumpers for these trucks and they're $3,000-$4,000 for the two little bumperettes. Tail light housings are $700 a piece. So there's a lot of rarity here and to take it to this level, some of the purists may be a little upset with it but it's been really well received so far."

Rick Walker:"Some people say keep the history alive but in your own way you still are."

Ron Erks:"We are keeping the history alive, if not this trucks going to deteriorate in a field somewhere so we like them We're at the biggest show on earth here, SEMA and its great for this thing to get the attention it has. Brings back a lot of memories. One thing I've noticed with this thing sitting out here for the first two days of SEMA is it attracts the old timers. I see a lot of old timers checking it out because it is a Cameo then you got the guys who like the truck on the ground. Then you got the kids who like the patina and then you look under the hood and the performance guys love the horsepower. It's got a little bit of everything for everyone."

Rick Walker:"Anything else to add?"

Ron Erks:"I would just like to thank Blake Stoner. Thank the guys at jegs, they're always a big help. K & N Filters and Mobsteel. You guys build the greatest wheels in the world. Thank you."

Rick Walker:"Thank you so much for joining us on the SST Car Show."



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