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Custom 1984 Volkswagen Golf at 2017 SEMA Auto Show with Jessica Killoran

Custom 1984 Volkswagen Golf

SEMA Auto Show

This custom 1984 Volkswagen Gold was a showstopper at the SEMA Automotive event in Las Vegas. It has been radically re-engineered with the builder dropping in an LS V8 turning a cool little runabout VW into a raging beast...a fire breathing hot hatch with sizzling orange paint.

VW Golf Custom at SEMA Auto Show.

That LS V8 packs a lot of punch. When it's combined with the light weight VW platform it really flies. It's all about power to weight ratio, and making sure everything is balanced and works in harmony. In this case it most certainly does.

VW Gofl with LS V8 at SEMA Auto Show Las Vegas 2017

They've also dropped in racing seats and a custom dash. It's got BBS wheels and they've converted this thing to rear wheel drive.

It has custom orange paint so slick, and so smooth it looks like orange ice. The golf ball for shifter knob is just the icing on the cake for a car that is no only lightning fast, it's also loaded with style.

VW Golf - Custom - at SEMA Auto Show.

This car was selected best Volkswagen at this years Sema Auto Show.



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