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Connor Hofford’s 1984 Volkswagen Rabbit at SEMA Auto Show

1984 Volkswagen Rabbit Walkaround


This is Connor Hofford’s 1984 Volkswagen Rabbit (Golf MK1).

It has a 370 Cubic Inch Iron block LS Engine with an LS3 top end. The engine started out as a 6.0 364 cubic inch iron block bottom end that was from a 2006 GMC Savana. The vehicle is now between 500-600 horsepower.

It uses a Muncie four speed transmission and it has a narrowed Ford 9 inch rear axel. It has a custom chassis. Basically the only thing that is original on the Volkswagen is the body itself and a lot of that has been played around with too.

If you look at the dash of this car, the first thing you think is it doesn't have any gauges but it actually has a race pack IQ3 display that's mounted from the custom made roll cage. It was a way to keep the dash nice and clean.

It runs on 295 50/15 tires. They are custom made 15 by 10 BBS Wheels. They're original RS 224 faces.

The original gas cap on the car is now the main power kill switch and the fuel fill has been relocated behind the licence plate like a lot of the 70's American cars. It has a cap that doesn't need to be removed to refuel the car.

Connor's vehicle took home best Volkswagen at the event and placed in the top 40 in the Battle of the Builders.

Interview credit to Fullboost. Video below.



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