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-Below is a Q&A with Peter Finlan as interviewed by Rick Walker of the SST Car Show-


I am with Pete Finlan. The painter, the man who put the finish on this amazing 1930 Ford two door behind us. It's called Bully. Can I ask you why it's called Bully?

Look at it. That's a Bully when it comes to other cars.

Well it sure is and it pops right out, the metallic in this thing. All of the colours, are all of these custom colours on this car?

All the colours are colours that I made but there all PPG vibrance material which is awesome.That's how it looks like this.

And how do you get all of that metallic, you put more metallic material into the paint?

Yeah everything underneath it is a big metal flake then it's covered and then the colours go on top. So that's how it gets that sparkle.

And then there's a clear that goes over top of all of it?

This has been cleared 5 times to make it that smooth and shiny.

There's so much depth there. Where did you find the inspiration. Did you go and look back at old 1960's show cars. I guess that really kind of comes down to your overall inspiration and what has helped you kind of create your own style as an artist.

Yeah and I say I was born too late. I'm in to white wall cars and flashy paint jobs and all that so this car belongs to this kind of paint job.

And how many hours actually went into it and what was involved with all of the masking and the trimming and then the design?

I kind of kept track but there's close to 3000 hours painting. Just painting.

And when you say just painting that doesn't include pencil and paper and thinking about it and then all the prep work and everything. Prep priming and all of that.

No I was lucky when I got the car it was ready to paint. Another guy did an awesome job getting it ready but there's no thought in this it was just paint it and start taping. No drawings. Nothing.

So how did you do that, is it all free hand? Did you draw lines down with markers beforehand to lay out the lines or what did you do?

No when I paint everything is increments of masking tape. So you go off the shape of the car. That's the way to do it.

You mask it off and you spray it. Is there much airbrushing involved or hand pin-striping?

This one has no airbrushing involved, it's all done with a big spray gun but there's probably 70-80 hours of pin-striping with a brush on this too. All the outline colours.

So this is the first time it was shown in public?

Yeah Tuesday morning when the show opened that's the first time that anybodies seen it.

Well it's totally amazing. Are you going to take it around or is the owner going to different events? I'm sure he will want to show it off.

Yeah he wants everyone to see it and he's been getting a big reaction here so it's on. This next year you're going to see it.

So keep your eyes open folks because Bully is going to be around at car shows I guess all up and down the west coast?

Everywhere, I hope he takes it everywhere.

Hopefully he brings it out East and we can see it down in the Detroit and Buffalo area. It would be awesome. Thank you so much for sharing the car with us. It's been a privilege.

Cool, good to meet you.



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