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-Below is a Q&A with Dana Hinkle as interviewed by Rick Walker of the SST Car Show-

I am with Dana Hinkle at the Sema Auto Show in Las Vegas. So we're walking through here and we're at the BoneYard, the PPG Paint Booth and we're walking by and I'm blinded by the light sparkling off this 1930 Ford Model A Two Door behind us. And this is your baby.

This is my baby.

How did this all get started first of all?

Well you mean from birth or? Well actually I just liked 60 style show cars all my life and the more crazier the better and if your going to build a car for a car show you just got to go over the top, you got have something that somebody likes. You got to have the paint, you got to have the engine, you got to have the tires. You got to have everything look likes it's over the top. I've built a lot of cars and this is my latest one. It's been done for 3 weeks. And it is over the top I would believe.

The paint is the most amazing part so let's just start right there because I can't believe the amount of masking that has gone into this thing how many man hours went into creating and putting the finish on this?

My painter which is standing right over here put 3000 hours in on this car.

It's all masked off, how many different colours and so much metallic, it's all custom?

I can't go into the paint because I'm not an expert on the paint but I told him I wanted oranges, greens, I told him the colour combination. The colours I wanted and he did everything else.

I just said Pete, make me happy. Do whatever you like and it's very rare that he gets somebody that comes in and says hey just do what you like but when you wanna build something over the top between my build, design and concept on the engine, transmission, and how everything looks. We all just kind of compliment each other as far as how everything goes on.

And the sparkle that comes off this thing, the metallic. These are custom colours that he's created?

Yes exactly, all custom colours. Absolutely.

And it all continues from the outside right through to the inside because there's painting, pin striping and designs all over the seats, the floor boards, everything.

Everything. If you go underneath the car it looks just as good as on top of the car. Everything's sanded, polished. Every nut, bolt I put on, all the wiring. You just got to take your time and you got to do it right. You don't get in a hurry and that's what it takes.

And mechanically its got it where it counts as well because it has a Hemi engine in it?

540 cubic inch, Hemi motor, 871 blower, fuel injected on nitrous. So it's just a little crazy.

I can't imagine old Henry Ford ever thought that something like that would be dropped into one of his old Model A's.

I don't think so. This is one of a kind. Everybody told me. Builders from all over the United states. Guys that's done car shows for 30 years they're like WOW. I've never seen anything like this in my entire life. And I'm kind of blown away cause when you build something for 10 years and you get it out for the first time its like wow, its fantastic.

This thing to me looks like a 1960's show car, I would say on steroids but it's not, it's on nitrous.

Exactly. Like I said if i'm going to do something, I have to do it more and better than anybody else. I try to. Just over the top completely.

Well it totally is. Thank you so much for sharing the car with us. An absolute privilege.

Alright, thank you so much.



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