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SEMA Auto Show Proves Too Much is Never Enough for Auto Industry

SEMA Highlights - 2017

The 2017 SEMA Auto Show has been - in a word - overwhelming. This is quite possibly the world';s greatest custom car show and this year the cars on display have been simply over the top, and for good reason...this year SEMA is celebrating it's 50th event.

The crowd at the Las Vegas convention centre has been much bigger than in previous years.

Allan Johnston brought his 1932 Ford Tudor to compete. He's involved in the battle of the builders competition, and the competition is intense.

The SEMA show attracts the world's best custom car builders. An award here can catapult a builder or painter or custom car shop to the top of the car culture food chain. It means prestige, recognition among peers, and it can lead to more work, higher paycheques and that recognition can lead to things like TV deals and sponsorships.

This Chevy convertible is called Greengo. Like many of the customs here it's an old school car that has been updated with custom design touches, and modern technology. Mostly this is a trade show. It is not open to the public. Only industry professionals and media are allowed to attend. Automotive aftermarket companies are here in force. They're here showing off their products, and highlighting new technologies to car builders...the people who choose use, and endorse the products.

There is a growing TUNER car and drift car presence here which appeals to younger enthusiasts and automotive professionals. These are the cars that represent the future of the Car Culture. People are lining up to meet Nascar Heroes, Car Show celebrities, and world famous Youtube Car Bloggers.

Auto manufacturers are here too with concept cars, and performance oriented versions of their hottest vehicles. They're here selling performance sizzle to the industry, because that sizzle filters down into showroom sales for all models at dealerships, not just performance cars. New concepts and flagship vehicles still drive sales of all vehicles for consumers...from mini vans ans SUV's to sports cars, economy cars, hybrids and electrics.

This is also a venue for artists. The car owners, the designers, fabricators, and custom painters who put these machines together collaborate and use these vehicles as metal, fibreglass, and carbon fibre canvases of self expression. The goal isn't just to create something different, but better too. We found a 1972 Corvette that stood out simply because it has been completely reworked. Every panel has been adjusted to fit perfectly, setting it apart from factory muscle cars of the era which often came off the assembly line with uneven gaps between panels.

This is the world of cars in 2017 and it is so big, it is entirely appropriate that the venue is Sin CIty, where Too Much is Never Enough.

Rick Walker, at the SEMA Auto Show in Las Vegas. SST Car Show News.



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