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Toyota brings crazy Nascar inspired rides to SEMA 2017

The SEMA Auto Show is taking place in Las Vegas Nevada and Toyota is using the popular automotive event to showcase 18 new rides. Interestingly enough some of the vehicles were inspired by Toyota’s NASCAR drivers.

Toyota is focusing on their two newest models, the all-new 2018 Camry and the recently introduced C-HR crossover.

NASCAR-inspired Camry XSE

(Kyle Busch)

The Nascar inspired Camry has a TRD exhaust, plus a Tein coil-over suspension. Aside from each vehicles common modifications, each vehicle features aspects reflecting their respective drivers as the image above is modeled from race car driver Kyle Busch.

The interior of each car is personalized with its driver’s logo.

2018 Toyota C-HR Crossover


The R-Tuned Toyota C-HR Crossover has power that accelerates to 60 mph in only 2.9 seconds plus it has enough grip to hold 1.7 g of lateral acceleration. This was achieved by making the build completely custom which meant a reworked engine with new pistons and a turbocharger with 600 horsepower and 550 lb-ft of torque.

The Rutledge Wood Camry is one of the more impactful looking vehicles at the event as it's custom metallic paint that combines blue and purple hues really makes it stand out. One of the revamps was to the sound system which had huge subwoofers placed in the back.

The Rutledge was designed by the race commentator as part of a partnership with Real Time Automotive Solution.

2018 Toyota Rutledge Wood Camry

These are steps that Steve Curtis, Vice President of Media and Market Engagement, hopes will aid in refreshing consumers perception of the brand.

The Battle of the Builders which is a competition that recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments of SEMA vehicle builders will be announced November 3rd. With companies like Toyota putting there best foot forward, it is a win for the automotive community as we get to see what these huge automotive giants can bring to the table.



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