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In this video SST Car Show host Rick Walker, offers a wider perspective on the electric car scene.

Government subsidies are targeted in this editorial, as being a problem. Walker suggests the true cost of electric cars is not being seen by the public and points to government purchase incentives such as the Ontario Government's $14,000 rebates on full electric cars as being a subsidy for the "rich". Walker points to cases of people enjoying government rebates on electric Supercars like the Porsche 918 Spyder which are worth over one-million-dollars.

He goes on to illustrate how governments are trying to accelerate electric car production and adoption by offering "free electricity" at public charging stations which he notes still needs to be paid for by taxpayers. He points out that it is taxpayers at all levels including low income earners who pay sales taxes, and other taxes who ultimately fund the production, and use of electric cars.

Walker also sheds lights on additional subsidies being paid to auto manufacturers like Tesla which are worth billions of dollars, and points out that even with government money being injected into electric car production, and consumption the public is still reluctant to buy them, in part because of long charge times and range anxiety.

The full video appears here, and while Walker does not reject the idea of electric cars, ( in fact he says the Chevy Bolt is a "good car" ) he does shed light and offers an interesting perspective that questions the morality behind current government programs that are using billions of dollars in public money both through taxation and debt, to change the way people view, and use automobiles. In short this editorial is as much about government and its involvement in the promotion of electric vehicles as electric cars themselves.

Rick Walker of the SST Car Show

Explains his perspective on Electric Cars


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