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I am with Luke Walker and we are in Wallaceburg Ontario and you have a very cool, I don't know what the heck it is. It's a FIAT.

A FIAT Topolino.

It's not stock?

No, just all parts and pieces and just built as they went along.

There has to be a story behind this thing?

Well I always liked the shape of the Topolino body and I was fortunate enough to get a body 30 years ago now and just had it sitting around and finally I had enough time to get working on it and got it together and drive it everyday.

So where did you find this thing?

It came from Winnipeg.

Did you drive all the way to Winnipeg to find it or did you see it in a magazine or ad?

It was in an ad, and I just had it shipped on a pallet. It was just a piece of tin when I got it.

And here it sits today. What did you have to do to it? You had to put a drive train in it? Put wheels on it?

Well it's just like any other car built. Built frame, suspension, all the wiring, dash components and get the glass in it.

What did you use for an engine? Is it a FIAT engine or probably not?

No it's a little 4 cylinder Chev out of a 1964 Chevy too and I've just got an old saginaw 4 speed behind it. Goes down the road great.

It's kind of got a Rat Rod look to it.

Kind of, yeah. It's a great driver though. I drive it everyday.

Got some custom racing stripes on the hood.

Well it's just to get a little more attention, that's all.

And it almost looks like a race car with the wheels sticking out.

I wanted to go for the 60's drag car look for sure and I hope I got it.

Yeah and the paint job, it's custom.

I'm not into paint, primer's good enough for me and I just drive it.

Well it looks like a lot of fun and thanks very much for sharing the car with us today.

Thank you Rick.

It got our attention.

Okay good. Thanks a lot.



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