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The 2017 Ford Mustang GT: SST Review

The all-new Ford Mustang GT is certainly an impressive machine.

This car is equipped with the 5.0 litre V8 engine. It produces 435 horsepower right out of the box. It really puts the power to the pavement.

If you look outside the car... you see some real sharp lines. You see retro-styling. And the stripe treatment on this particular vehicle... It's very tasteful.

If you look at the dashboard and the some of the controls, they have little toggles. It looks like something that could be right out of an airplane. The speedometer says ground speed versus air speed. Those little touches make it feel like maybe although you're on the ground... you're really flying.

Handling, this car is just outstanding. Those Pirelli P-Zero tires, as I say, they really stick to the road like glue and the suspension is outstanding. This GT also has traction control. It's tough to make a mistake. Even if you're cornering hard - this thing just digs in and bites.

This thing is really tough to beat, and in this category, it has been the SST Pony Car of the year for three straight years running, I don't think that that's gonna change this year. The reason being, this thing is better built, its tighter, it handles better. I think that this thing, pound-for-pound, gives you better torque, better power, better handling. Its a more refined package, and overall its just a better car.

This is the best pony car from North America right now, I'm certain. I'm gonna call it right now, this is the SST pony car of the year.

Ford Mustang GT - SST Car Show approved, I'm Rick Walker.


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