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Welcome to mid size pickup truck country, and say hello to one of the leaders in this category, the GMC Canyon.

This is a smart looking truck. The lines are attractive. The options list is long allowing buyers to get into a basic version for an entry level price, or into a fully decked out Denali version at a price point nearly double that of the base model. A top of the line Canyon can cost as much as a fully optioned full size pickup.

Out test vehicle was the Denali version, and it was loaded with features. The infotainment system included Wi-Fi, and the interior was stylish. The fit and finish was excellent all around.

This is a versatile truck. It's big enough to haul and small enough to keep it economical and pleasant to drive around town.

The engine options includes GM's 3.6 litre 308 horsepower V6 matched to an eight speed transmission. There is also a 2.5 litre four cylinder, or you can go for the engine that we had in our test truck - the 2.8 litre Duramax Diesel. It produces 181 horsepower, and makes this truck an attractive option. Where else can you get a diesel in a truck this size? The diesel engine is quite fuel efficient. Our test truck delivered an average of 27-miles per gallon.

With the diesel engine you can haul up to 7700 pounds. You can pick from crew cab, or extended cab. There is also a new off-road-oriented All Terrain X, package available now.

You can add Apple CarPlay, heated and cooled front seats, and our test vehicle came with lots of usb ports, and a stitched dashboard top.

The GMC Canyon and its sister truck the Chevy Colorado remain a solid choice in the mid size pickup market. We liked the Canyon, a lot. In fact, we would say that unless you really need the extra capacity offered in a full size pickup, you are better off with a Canyon or Colorado. You'll save a ton of money on fuel, and you will find it easier to drive around town. It's versatile and practical, and for that reason the GMC Canyon is SST approved. Rick Walker SST Car Show News.



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