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Blenheim Classics Car Show Grows - and Reinforces Community Reputation as Canada's Classic Car C



Another great Blenheim Classics Car Show has drawn to a close, and it appears the event was a huge success.

Weather was great and this year organizers added 30 more spots to display cars.

The Blenheim show is all about quality, not quantity. In fact the show is normally restricted to cars that are pre-1988, and the cars must also be original or restored to original factory specifications. However sometimes exceptions are made and this year, an exception was made for a tribute Batmobile, which generated a lot of attention.



The streets of Blenheim's downtown business district were filled with specatators, and that was a bonus for merchants who see the event as one of the year's most important special attractions. It attracts daytrippers from across the region.

The SST Car Show crew was on hand for the car show in Blenheim today and some of the video coverage and photos can be seen on the SST CAR SHOW website at, and on TV across the SST Car Show syndicated network carrying the SST CAR SHOW with Rick Walker.

Blenheim Classics on the Main Drive in Blenheim Ontario

Vintage Mini at Blenheim Classics Car Show - SST

The event is also located in the heart of what is considered "Canada's Classic Car Capital", and the Blenheim Classics Car Show is just one event and activity of many that continue to reinforce that reputation. - SST CAR SHOW NEWS




Blenheim Classics Car Show 2017

Bricklin on display at Blenheim Classics Car Show

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