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Night Shots - Pictorial by Ryan Walker




SST Contibutor Ryan Walker, has been experimenting with automotive photography over the past year. For Ryan it's about having fun.

Tonight he went cruizing with his buddy Darcy, who just purchased a gem of a car - a 1981 Chevrolet Malibu. The car is done up in blue and for it's age it's in amazing condition.

1981 Chevy Malibu Night Pictures

The floors are solid, the body is clean, and the paint shines. At night the paint captures the moonlight, and the glint of passing streetlights. So on this evening Ryan and Darcy went cruising in Darcy's "new" Malibu. The 305 V* still purrs and the car tracks true and straight on chrome wheels that harken back to the early 80's when these cars were downsized a little, but still packed punch. For Darcy this is a sweet ride that makes a statement, and it's statement that is somewhat rare these days in anyone under 30.

Painting the Muscle Car With Light.

Chevy Malibu under the neon lights.

Then again Darcy is a rarity. He loves old school muscle even though he's still one the tender side of early adulthood. His affection for American steel stems from his father and his family. Car's are in his blood and there is drag racing heritage there.

Starlight reveals this romantic interlude with a gorgeous old Chevy.

For Ryan this is a night...and opportunity to ride shotgun and fire off some quick pics of this blue beast under the moon...under the stars...under the spotlight of the neon lights at night. This is essentiall painting with light in the dark. The end result reveals stars we never knew were there and trails of light streaking across the sky. It also uncloaks a Moon Blue Malibu as the stars and ambient light betray this this aging piece of Car Kulture.

The squared off front grille of Darcy's 1981 Chevrolet Malibu.

This is the Chevrolet Malibu...on night patrol, as captured by two young men pursuing a passion for cars, cool pictures, and eternal motoring youth rooted in a car from the past. - sst car show news


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