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Tesla to cover repair costs for man who used his Model S to save another driver's life

A heroic story took place in Germany as a man named Manfred Kick decided to help a person in danger instead of keeping his Tesla Model S free from potential damage.

Manfred was driving down the A9 Autobahn when he saw a car swerving on the road. When he pulled up to the vehicle he noticed that the driver was unconscious, most likely due to a possible stroke.

This is when Manfred pulled his Tesla in front of the unconscious man's vehicle and began to slowly brake, bringing both vehicles to a stop. Manfred then performed first aid while others who pulled over as well called emergency services.

If you're wondering why the vehicle Manfred was driving was of importance it is because Elon Musk, owner of Tesla Motors said the company will cover all repair costs to fix the damage to the owner's Model S.

The damage is estimated to be about $10,000. Because of standard procedure, Kick will undergo an investigation but isn't expect to be charged with any crimes.



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