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BMW and McLaren working to Develop New Engine Technology

Although not much is known about the details regarding this technology, it appears BMW and McLaren are yet again teaming up to design and develop a new engine technology. The two major goals for this technology are increasing the power output per liter beyond what's currently possible while simultaneously diminishing CO2 emissions.

The research is being funded by the U.K. Government's Advanced Propulsion Centre, which is a research centre that focuses on low carbon emission propulsion technology. Aside from McLaren Automotive and the BMW Group, other partners working to help develop this technology are Grainger, Ricardo, Lentus Composites, Worrall, and the University of Bath.

McLaren has been known worldwide for their engines and that can be shown by their M838T plus wins in the International Engine of the Year awards from previous years.

This will be an exciting project as this is not the first time McLaren and BMW teamed together to make something special. When the two first collaborated for the McLaren F1-BMW, it became a storied supercar. Now with the alliance back together, hopefully something great can come from it again.



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