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2019 Toyota Supra sports car renderings

The Toyota Supra is nearing its comeback as 2019 approaches but before that we get a look at the sport cars new attractive styling.

New Renderings of the Toyota Supra

Back in 2014, Toyota had shown interest in reprising the sports car and now we can see its brought back with hints of the the FT-1 concept. The back taillights and aerodynamics reflect that of the FT-1. It has a pointed nose, outspread headlights, and side strakes that structure the face of the car.

It has been suggested that the final design of this vehicle will look much like the concept car.

Toyota FT-1 Concept Car

BMW has been developing the Supra as part of a sports-car partnership that will also generate the Z4 successor. It's believed that it will be called the Z5. Toyota's hybrid technology is expected to be a part of the vehicle to aid its fuel economy and performance.



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