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Toyota Dealership bringing vehicles right to your doorstep

A Toyota dealership in Holiday, Fla., is delivering a new approach to meet the demands of their consumers. The key word is "delivering" as Sun Toyota has implemented their Showroom2Go method in which they bring the vehicles to their customers doorsteps.

It is the easiest way for customers to do business and in turn has been a successful approach in helping the dealerships sales. The idea started because the Sun Toyota dealership is located about 45 mins north of Tampa, Florida which made it hard for people if they were a Tampa or St. Petersburg resident.

It is very simple as customers just need to get in contact with the store and notify about a particular model and colour they're interested in. After that they specify when and where they want it delivered and it will arrive at their doorstep. If the customer wants it for an overnight test drive the person dropping the car off will take an Uber back to the store but the customer must sign a liability waiver first, and have a picture of an insurance card taken.

Showroom2Go draws a lot of traffic and generates an average of 125 people per month in which the dealership follows up. Sun Toyota says they sell about 40 to 50 vehicles through the delivery program each month.

By accommodating customers, this Showroom2Go method has been a successful way to increase sales despite the location of the dealership.



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