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Volkswagen has gone back to the future with its new MINI BUS Concept called the VW I.D. Buzz, which is on display right now at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

It is a vision for the future, with an electric drive train, and a range of 270 miles.

The style is distinctly VW and it takes inspiration from the famous VW mini bus dating back to the 1960's. Flower power is back baby!

Volkswagen says I.D. Buzz is not only all-electric, it is also a vehicle that can drive itself. That's right, it's an autonomous vehicle.

VW says the I.D. Buzz could be offered with two power options. One would include an 83 kwh battery pack, with a rear wheel drive version, or a 111 kwh battery pack with an all wheel drive option.

VW says it has a vision of offering a vehicle like the I.D. Buzz, with fast charging technology , and inspiring zero to sixty acceleration of just five seconds.

Volkswagen designers have set things up so that the I.D. Buzz has a retractable steering wheel when in its autonomous mode, as well as a fully-reconfigurable interior.



In fact the interior is perhaps the most innovative part of the entire vehicle. In the “I.D. Pilot” mode, the front seats can be electrically unlatched and rotated so they face the rear. The idea is to allow passengers to move the seats around so that they get the feeling of being at home in a living room or in a lounge. Seatbacks can be folded down to form table tops. The third row of seats can be made into a bed.

The I.D. buzz also makes ample use of glass to create wide open viewing areas, and a two part panoramic roof finishes off the open feel of the vehicle.

The I.D. Buzz is just a concept for now. VW officials say if it were to go into production it wouldn't hit showrooms until 2025 at the earliest. In short, that means this vehicle will likely never be produced, but elements of it could find their way into Volkswagens of the future. - sst car show news / maverick news



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