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Ford patent finalized for vehicle identification system

The Ford Automotive Company has finally had their patent technology come through for what they applied for in 2015 that could be unnerving for some. Back in June of last year Ford acquired for a patent that has a system that uses crowdsourcing to gather identification on vehicles.

Image credit: Ford

With an image taken by the system, the processor can seek identifying characters and if it matches the criteria it can report that it's found something to the automotive company. To some it may feel like Big Brother constantly watching over them but Ford assures that's not totally the case. In actuality there are some benefits to the technology as it's a fast-acting system that has vision of more areas than a police force could get which would help in cases of a vehicle being stolen. It would act in real time and guide the police to where the stolen vehicle is located.

If drivers are worried that they are constantly being monitored without their consent than Ford wants people to know that this is not the case and they would require owners to opt-in by providing information. This would include license plate number, phone number, vehicle identification number and address. Vehicle owners will be notified by the system to ensure they are not being tracked by some third party. Since not every automaker will give Ford the right to track their plates, not every car will be monitored on the road.

Of course some drivers will still be uneasy about the patent but despite the worry this is something that can come with a positive upside in the long run.



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