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Nissan Juke sets world-first 'blind' J-turn record using AVM system

A new record has just been broken by the Nissan automotive company by having the Nissan Juke crossover vehicle complete a J-turn in a space that was just 18cm longer than the car. J-turns are hard enough as it is to perform but what makes it even more incredible is that the stunt was performed blindfolded and the driver was only using Nissan’s AVM (Around View Monitor) system which gives a 360-degree birds’ eye view of the car and its surroundings.

The way the system works is that it digitally stitches the Juke’s four exterior cameras images together and then is displayed on the NissanConnect dashboard screen. It is a technology that makes it safer and easier to park. All Juke models come with the Nissan AVM system.

Check the video below to see the incredible stunt performed by the driver Paul Swift. As it should be mentioned, Paul does not recommend trying the stunt and using the AVM system in the way that he did but realizes the benefits the system can give Nissan customers.

Video credit: Nissan Europe

Of course a few practice tests were taken to get used to doing the stunt and using the AVM system but once performed it is quite a nice little trick. Yes, it may not be the coolest stunt you will ever see but it just goes to show how far technology has come that a driver can actually perform such a maneuver while having the mirrors completely covered.

It should also be noted this is the world's first ever attempt at such a record.



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