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Honda's new concept vehicle to feel human emotions

Honda has some big plans in store for their next concept vehicle that they will showcase at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January.

Honda's new concept vehicle, the NeuV

The "NeuV" is the newest concept vehicle by Honda but with one new interesting dynamic, the car is equipped with artificial intelligence called the 'emotion engine'. Sounds different enough but it is a step for unique human interactions that some customers may find value in.

This new step for adding AI to vehicles should not come as surprise as the automotive and tech industry have continued to merge, bringing new creature comforts to vehicles.

As seen from the photo above the NeuV concept vehicle is small and lightweight. It will be good for touring around the city and dealing with heavy traffic. Although the design may not suit everyones taste, the capability of what this concept vehicle can do may surely be surprising. We will have to wait until early January to truly see what this vehicle has to offer as the debut at the Consumer Electronics Show nears.



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