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It seems like police officers in the small town of Kensington, Prince Edward Island are using a little tongue-in-cheek humor to deter people from drinking and driving. So a picture of the 2001 Nickelback album was posted on the Kensington Police department Facebook page stating - "If people don't drink and drive then we won't make them listen to it".

2001 Nickelback album posted by Kensington Police Department on Facebook

Impaired driving rates tend to get higher around the winter season so this is quite the unique tactic to urge people from drinking and driving although it shouldn't need to go to this length to make people not do something so dangerous in the first place.

It's easy to tell that the officers were making a light-hearted joke in order to bring awareness to a serious issue albeit at the expense of the Canadian band Nickelback.

It's hard to say how effective this approach will turn out to be in the community of Kensington but it definitely brought attention to the situation.

No response yet from the band.



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