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Just after the big news that Volkswagen will not be coming to the U.S. for quite some time after the popular scandal, it appears even Canada for now it least is in the same boat. For the upcoming 2017 year, Volkswagen has stated that they will not be selling any diesel vehicles in Canada. About 100,000 TDI-equipped vehicles were affected by the scandal in Canada and ended with a decision to bring no new diesels in the coming year.

Don't be discouraged just yet as the possibility for Volkswagen diesels to come back after 2017 to the North is still likely as the automaker is trying to correct their wrongs and gain back their brand loyalty. Volkswagen promises to examine each car line individually to make sure everything runs smoothly and so that the issue never happens again.

The Americans have gained their US$14.7 million settlement with 475,000 customers, including a buy-back from the diesel scandal but Canadians will have to wait. The decision and settlement are yet to be determined as the court dates for the class-action lawsuits are scheduled for Dec. 19.


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