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Blindfoled driver sets lap record at Silverstone with Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

When someone sets a lap record when driving a vehicle that usually sounds impressive enough but when you hear that the lap record was broken by someone driving blindfolded then that adds a whole new element to the impressive feat.

That is exactly what happened at Silverstone as Alfa Romeo has announced they have broken a lap record with their "Giulia Quadrifoglio" super sedan. The Giulia set the lap record in a time of 1:44.3. That may not seem fast for the 505-horsepower sports sedan but there is one important aspect that makes it all the more impressive and thats because the driver, Ed Morris had black vinyl over the windows.

Enabling the driver to see where he was going definitely adds an interesting element to this lap record. In case you were wondering how Ed Morris managed to not hit anything then it was due to another driver in a following Giulia Quadrifoglio giving directions. The other driver was David Brise, and he and Morris got the hang of getting around the handicap over their two day stint at Silverstone.

Crazy enough Morris was able to reach speeds over 100 mph. Check the video below to see the duo setting the record.

Video Credit: AlfaRomeoUK


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