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The Volvo S90 Excellence is simply Luxurious

Image credit: Volvo Cars

Volvo says its Lounge Console Concept is ready for production and this luxurious vehicle is set to make its debut in 2017. The S90 Excellence is a business minded vehicle that has a very interesting interior as the passenger seat has been removed to make room for a mobile work station that includes an entertainment centre that has a large touchscreen display built into it. A heated and cooled cup holder and even a refrigerator are features of this vehicle that make it high end luxury.

Under the hood the vehicle will have just one engine option that will be the T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid version.

The Excellence is to be exported around the world from a Northeastern China factory. The vehicle will be shipped to the United States although US implications are still unclear for the S90.

Volvo has a goal to sell up to 800,000 cars a year by 2020 and China will play a big part in the global manufacturing of the vehicles including the S90.


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