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EV sales in September higher than ever before in America

In case you were wondering if electric vehicles were catching on, then the answer would be yes. In the US alone sales have seen a huge rise in the third quarterly sales this year and was up 60% from last years. The three month period that ended September 30th saw 45,000 sales of electric vehicles.

The total was accumulated from vehicles such as the Tesla Model S, Chevrolet Volt and BMW X5.

17,000 plug-ins were purchased in the month of September alone which shows the growing demand of EV's.

It is possible that the sales could have been higher but limited exposure of the Fiat 500e, Chevrolet Spark EV, and VW e-Golf could play a part as they are predominantly seen in California.

This is one trend that seems to keep getting stronger as time progresses and as a lot of automotive companies are putting more focus into electric vehicles, we expect the popularity to continue.


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