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Volkswagen's new Electric Concept to go to Market in 2020

Volkswagen has released an electric concept car at the Paris Auto Show late last week and it is a vehicle that they would like to be for sale around 2020. A lot of automotive brands these days are going for a very futuristic look with some of their new concept cars and Volkswagen's electric concept is no exception.

Image credit: Motor Trend

Not a lot of information is known about the vehicle currently aside from it having an electric motor that goes up to 160 horsepower. It's range is capable of going between 400 and 600 kilometres which is the equivalent to 249-373 miles.

Image credit: Motor Trend

By 2025, when the I.D. that is based on the flexible new MEB toolkit comes to market, Volkswagen plans to add a fully automated driving mode in the vehicle and the steering wheel will retract into the dashboard giving the driver more room in the front of the vehicle.

Volkswagen has planned to make 30 battery electric cars by 2025 and with their new commitment to electric vehicles, this is the German automotive companies first step.


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