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Honda Civic Type R Prototype revealed at Paris Auto Show

As previewed with a prototype at the Paris Auto Show, the Honda Civic Type R has been confirmed for sale in 2017. This is definitely a vehicle that will garner some attention when driving down the road as its design is striking.

Image credit: Motoring Research

The vehicle has an aluminium-effect paint job and muscular bodywork that shows its aggressive style. The air scoop, central exhaust tailpipe and 20 inch alloys all add to the prototypes overall design. The carbon fibre and red accents throughout the exterior of the Type R complete its stunning appearance.

Image credit: Motoring Research

From the back you can't help but look at the massive rear wing with more added carbon fibre. With how much this vehicle has impressed at the event, expect it to look pretty similar when it comes to showrooms later next year.


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