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Ferrari's Laferrari Aperta Sold Out Before Debut

The Ferrari Laferrari Aperta has caught the eyes of many people at it's debut at the Paris Auto Show on Thursday. The downside is that even if you had the cash to purchase this stylish new vehicle, you won't be able to get one.

Coming in at a whopping $2 million, the hybrid convertible sports car has only planned for 200 vehicles to be built and all have been already sold to special customers. Just goes to show the rich like to get their hands on special editions of the luxury brand.

The interesting part of the purchase is that 200 customers bought the vehicle without having seen it before, going completely on faith for the Ferrari brand. To drop $2 million on something you haven't yet got to look at may seem crazy to most but if you can afford it and knew that it was your only way to get your hands on the sports car then maybe your tune would change.

A big reason for the success of limited edition vehicles for high-end sports cars makers is that it is a way to exhibit new technology and the exclusivity allows the price to be increased more than a vehicle that would have thousands produced.

As we can tell this approach has been very successful for Ferrari.


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