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Jaguar XJ220 getting new Wheels to hit the road again

If you're a proud owner of a Jaguar XJ220 then there is some good news coming your way as the supercar is about to gain a lot more value.

The XJ220 was the fastest vehicle ever made under the Jaguar brand but it was never successful in sales until now 24 years later where it is now becoming a genuine collectable.

Image credit: jaguarcarsmena/flickr

The vehicle had one main problem and that was because the vehicle no longer had tires being manufactured for it. If even one of the tires got ruined then your vehicle could be out of luck. That luck is about to change as Bridgestone, the original maker of the tires for the XJ220 is now back developing new tires for the 1992 supercar.

Vice President Consumer OE at Bridgestone's Europe, Cristophhe de Valroger has mentioned that it's very important to keep such iconic vehicles running today. That's exactly what they are doing and that will make a lot of XJ220 vehicle owners very happy as they will now have the tires to get their supercar back on the road.

The tires are slated to be released early next year marking the Jaguar XJ220 25th anniversary.

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