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Harley-Davidson unveils new Milwaukee-Eight engine

One of the most iconic motorcycle companies is giving their engine an upgrade. After 15 years Harley-Davidson is finally bringing out a new engine for their famous touring bikes.

The new engine called "The Milwaukee-Eight" has eight valves (four in each cylinder) and 50 percent more intake and exhaust flow. The engine is also able to work harder without overeating thanks to the revamped cooling system. Since the engine is more powerful than the previous version, it would give off more heat so developing a better cooling system was definitely important. It also has 10% more torque than the previous engine allowing for better acceleration.

The new engines are to start rolling out to dealerships very soon. Riders in the U.S. can get a first hand look at the new powerful Milwaukee-Eight on Sept 23rd as Harley-Davidson will have open house events allowing customers to personally hop onto 2017 models and see the difference with the Milwaukee-Eight engine for themselves.

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