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Citroen reveals station wagon concept

French Automobile Manufacturer Citroen ahead of the Paris Auto Show that is only a month away have released a new concept vehicle called the CXperience. The concept vehicle has similar proportions to the Cadillac in which it has a long, low, wide wagon but it still keeps true to Citroen design with a concave rear window and single-spoke steering wheel.

Sticking with Citroen design, the concept vehicle has a heavy emphasis on passenger comfort with one aspect being each seat has its own set of speakers and microphones. This gives a lot of options to the passengers as they can talk to each of the other riders through the microphones making it much easier to speak and hear or they can tune everyone out and listen to their own music.

The cabin has a walnut wood trim and radiant lemon yellow upholstery. The seats are very comfortable and make you feel like you're riding on a cloud thanks to the memory foam seats. With the plug-in hybrid powertrain you can travel in silence making it good for long distance trips.

The Citroen CXperience is one of the cars we hope to see at the Paris Motor Show later this year.

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