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Top 5 American Customer Satisfaction Index automobile brand rankings of 2016

Incase you haven't seen the list for the American Customer Satisfaction Index automobile brand rankings, here are the top 5 brands that have impressed the public this year.

1. Lincoln (Ford) - 87

2. Honda - 86

3. BMW - 85

4. Toyota - 85

5. GMC (GM) - 84

With a score of 87, the Lincoln Motor company tops the list coming in first which is a great success for the American automotive company that bests it's corporate parent, Ford.

Honda by a slim margin comes in second with a score of 86. Although it may come behind Lincoln in the list, the automotive company can still lay claim to having the highest satisfaction of any Japanese automaker.

Third and fourth spot goes to BMW and Toyota with each a score of 85 respectively. This is back to back years the two companies share the same score for the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

Rounding out the top 5 of the list goes to GMC which had an incredible boost from last years rating, going from 78 to 84. With the score GMC proves to be the most satisfying brand under General Motors.

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