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The 2016 Woodward Dream has come and gone, and wow what a party!

Over one million spectators watched more than 45,000 cool cars cruise Woodward Saturday paying homage to the glory days of the American Automobile in the 60's when muscle cars like GTO's and Chevelles with big blocks would drag race on one of America's most famous roadways.

This year they brought back drag racing in a safe way to Woodward with controlled street legal racing for street cars. It was all part of ongoing efforts to expand the Dream cruise into a full week filled with Dream Cruise events. The drag racing was hugely successful.

Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit - Vintage Ford ready to roll.

Today ( Saturday ) was the main day though, with the bulk of cruisers making their way up and down the strip. It was described by some as a "high octane orgy". The rolling car show this year consisted of everything from classic Chevy's to Lamborghini's and rusty Rat Rods. There were foreign vehicles taking part of course, but as much as this event is about cruisin', - here in Amerca's Motor CIty, - it's also about celebrating American Muscle, and the crowd celebrating was more than a million strong. They lined Woodward Avenue for miles. Some stood. Others sat on lawn chairs. They were all there to see the classics, exotics, and collectibles roll by.

There were sporadic bursts of rain through the afternoon, but not enough scare away the cruisers. Not until late, late in the day anyway when the skies opened up and the rain poured down. It didn't matter in terms of attendance much though.

Mustangs were out in full force at the 2016 Woodward Dream Cruise: Photo - Rick Walker

There seemed to be fewer sponsored displays areas and tents this year compared to previous years, but official sponsorship figures and information were not available at the time of this article's publication.

Organizers say the Dream Cruise went off without a hitch this year though, and police say there were no accidents or injuries of note. In short police say they had no real problems at this year's cruise at all. - Rick Walker SST Car Show

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