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Wireless Key Hacks can effect 100 Million Volkswagen Vehicles

If there wasn't already enough turmoil surrounding Volkswagen, the German automotive company has a new problem that has surfaced. The University of Birmingham and researchers from German engineering firm Kasper & Oswald have discovered that Volkswagen has 100 million vehicles susceptible to being unlocked by hacking the signals from their keyless entry fobs.

The hackers can clone the key by capturing just two radio signals which brings great concern as all the thief would need is a $40 piece of radio hardware and then they could pick up the radio transmission from even one press of the car's remote. Worst part being once the key is cloned, they can get into the vehicle as much as they like from that point on leaving the owner of the vehicle completely vulnerable. You only need to be eavesdropped on once in order for the hacker to get complete access to your vehicle making this a very serious problem.

The issue extends to nearly every vehicle sold by Volkswagen A.G. since 1995. The latest-generation VW Golf is one of the vehicles that has a locking system that prevents against the incursion. Fords, Chevys, and Renaults in a separate issue are among other car brands that are vulnerable to being hacked.

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