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Tesla plans to create Solar Panel roofs

Elon Musk and Tesla have some big plans after acquiring the energy service company Solar City earlier this month for $2.6 billion. The companies are in talks about adding solar panel roofs to the top of new Tesla vehicles. An appealing idea with not much details released yet.

Elon Musk sees a big opportunity with Solar City to replace roofs with Solar Panels and that it is much better than simply adding solar panels on top of pre-existing roofs. The reasoning is if a cars roof is not in good shape then it is not a good idea to put solar panels on a roof your are going to need to replace.

Tesla believes in the growth of Solar City and envisions a future where people can charge their cars at home, off the grid using solar panel roofs. Quite the interesting plan and if it all comes together it could be very financially beneficial for a vehicle buyer.

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