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Volkswagen to have 30 models by 2025 using 3 platforms

It appears Volkswagen is doing what they can to distance themselves from the diesel scandal that has been haunting them for the past while. It has been announced that the German automotive company plans to unveil 30 electric vehicle models by 2025. This is a step up from the promised 20 electric vehicles and plug-in models by 2020.

It has been outlined that 3 EV platforms would be the base of the 30 models. Different sized wheel bases, track widths and a flexible chassis will be a part of each platform. A slate of utility vehicles and economy vehicles are also said to be in the works at VW.

MEB (Modular Electric Toolkit) is one of the three platforms and serves as the bedrock for the Budd-e concept electric van. The model that was shown back in January can go as far as 233 miles on a full electric charge. To get far away from the diesel scandal, VW is looking to make their imprint on the electric vehicle field in hopes of moving on.

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