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Chevrolet first to reach 100,000 plug-in vehicle sales in U.S.

If it was a race to sell 100,000 plug-in vehicles in the U.S. then the win would go to Chevrolet. The American automotive company has released that they have it the 100,000 mark in thanks to the sales of the Volt and is the first plug-in to do so.

This comes as a blow to Nissan as they were once the leader in EV sales although it was hard to believe it would keep it's lead with the Nissan Leaf. Tesla's reason for it's lesser amount of sales than Chevrolet could be due to the higher cost of the vehicles as the Volt sells for less than $30,000 in the U.S. Chevy has reported that Volt owners have driven 1.5 billion miles in electric mode which they say has saved up to 58 billion gallons of gasoline.

It is still a toss up of who will be next to reach the 100,000 mark whether it be Tesla or Nissan but the race for pure electric vehicles to reach 100,000 sales is also still up for grabs.

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