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Nissan uses SPF500 sun protection on Crossovers

It's not just skin that can be affected by the suns rays, your car's paint can too. Dean Gillett who is an environmental test engineer at Nissan believes cars are just as susceptible to the suns effects as humans are. “Just like human skin, car paint is affected by intense UV rays that are capable of breaking down a surface, so we test for durability to ensure lasting product quality."

It wouldn't be a shock to hear how little people take care of their cars when it comes to sun protection in comparison to putting sun lotion on for UV protection. Nissan is one automotive company who is making it clear that the suns rays can have an impact on the cars paint over time and have taken steps to ensure their cars have the best quality so that the rays are not able to break down the vehicles surface. To ensure this Nissan has revealed its crossover vehicles’ paint has the equivalent protection of SPF 500.

In order to withstand severe temperatures, Nissan's crossover lineup is covered with high quality, multi-layered tested paint. With this Nissan believes drivers can confidently take their crossovers to the beach or any typically hot destination knowing that the materials used will last over the automobiles lifetime.

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