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Jaguar putting focus on Luxury Electric vehicles

Jaguar is putting it's supercars on the back-burner as the company looks to put it's focus on building two more electric vehicles. The British automotive company has discarded it's plans to create a production variant of the C-X75 supercar and will also not be making the XK coupe and convertible. The two new electric vehicles are planned to succeed the XJ sedan and the other premium SUV.

Codenamed X590, the large luxury EV is said to be a four-door coupe that is a compromise between Jaguar design chief Ian Callum and Jaguar Land Rover CEO Ralf Speth. The SUV will have software for autonomous driving capability that was developed under Wolfgang Ziebart who formerly worked for BMW. As Jaguar hopes to expand into the electric vehicle market it will still continue to sell the current X590 alongside the XJ.

It is also claimed that in 2019 Jaguar will release an SUV which was originally planned as a Range Rover and is said to be created with the focus on aerodynamics. It will be offered as an all-wheel-drive version with two motors or rear-wheel-drive model with one motor.

Jaguar is hoping to capitalize with these two vehicles in the growing markets of electric vehicles (EV) and SUV.

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